17. Jan 2022

The high real estate prices on the Croatian coast, which reached the top last year, should not continue to grow during 2022, nor affect the market which is recording excellent results. We are looking for the places where real estate can still be bought at reasonable prices.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, the preceding year was an unexpected success for most Croatian real estate agencies. The Biliškov real estate agency in Split, well-versed in the situation on the Croatian shore, particularly in Dalmatia, attests to this. The situation on the real estate market was good on the entire Croatian coast, as well as in Zagreb and other parts of the country, according to the Croatian portal Jutarnji list. The reason for that is favorable housing loans, subsidies for young people, the growing tendency to save in real estate and not in banks. All this led to the demand being higher than the supply. There is a constant deficit of some types of coastal real estate, such as apartments in Split, but despite that, more and more Americans are interested in buying. Other foreign buyers in Dalmatia included those from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Austria, with fewer from Scandinavia and the diaspora.


While one part of the buyers, most of whom are citizens of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, opted for private holiday villas, some even exclusive, the other part of the buyers used the real estate for personal purposes for a month and the rest of the season they rented out real estate for tourism. The abolition of visas between the United States and Croatia has contributed to a significant improvement in relations. There has been an increase in the number of buyers from the United States, especially since the introduction of a direct line from the United States to Dubrovnik.


Predictions for this year remain the same – no new price growth is expected, the best real estate remain in the first row to the sea, despite a growing demand for houses away from the coast, with spectacular view and swimming pool. There is a great demand for apartments on the shore, with an area ​​between 50 and 70 square meters, which are in short supply since they are not profitable for investors.


According to the portal, Šibenik and Kaštela remain suitable places for the investment on the coast in terms of real estate prices this year, while other cities in Dalmatia such as Zadar, Split, Makarska and Dubrovnik, have very high prices for quality real estate.

Text by: Tamara Đokić

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