09. Mar 2023
Photo: Aleksandar Milutinović (Na slici: Belgrade Waterfront)

The total market value of real estate in 2022 was 7.5 billion euros, which is 22 percent more than in 2021, the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA) announced.

When it comes to apartments, the value of transactions on the market increased by 26 percent compared to 2021.

The value of garage space transactions increased by 56 percent, that of building land by 23 percent, and that of house transactions increased by 11 percent.

RGA data show that the number of sales in 2022, with a total of 140,561 transactions, increased by only 1.8 percent compared to 2021, reports The sale of apartments increased by three percent, garage spaces by 23, business spaces by two percent, while the number of houses sold remained at the same level as the previous year. The number of agricultural land sales transactions increased by five percent, while the sale of construction land recorded a decrease of six percent.

Territorially, the most real estate sales were realized in Vojvodina (35 percent of all sales), Šumadija and Western Serbia (25 percent), and the City of Belgrade (24 percent), while Southern and Eastern Serbia recorded the lowest number of transactions (16 percent).

The most expensive real estate, measured by the price per square meter, is still in Belgrade, in the Belgrade Waterfront, a price of 10,400 euros per square meter was achieved.

The highest-paid individual apartment, with a total area of 383 square meters, was paid 2,469,888 euros in that complex.

The highest year-on-year growth in the number of sales was recorded in the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia (4.7 percent), followed by the City of Belgrade (4.4 percent), the region of Šumadija and Western Serbia (0.2 percent), while in the region of Vojvodina there was no change compared to the year 2021.

The use of credit funds to finance the purchase of real estate in 2022 was reduced by two percent compared to the previous period. With the participation of loans, 11 percent of all real estate in Serbia was purchased in 2022, which is two percentage points less than in 2021, and apartments were most often purchased with the help of loans.



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