15. Jan 2022

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, 3,334 building permits were issued in Serbia in November 2021, representing a 39.4% increase over the same month the previous year.

Of the total number of permits issued in November, 85.7% are for buildings and 14.3% are for other types of construction. If only buildings are observed, 84.3% of permits were issued for residential and 15.7% for non-residential buildings, while for other buildings, the largest part refers to pipelines, communication, and power lines (65.0%).

According to the permits issued in November 2021 in the Republic of Serbia, the construction of 2,538 apartments was reported, with an average area of 76.3 m2. Of the total number of dwellings in new residential buildings, 14.9% of dwellings will be built in single-dwelling buildings, with an average area of 146.8 m2, and 82.9% of dwellings will be built in buildings with three or more dwellings, and their average area will be significantly smaller and will amount to 62.4 m2.

In November 2021, the estimated value of new construction work was 72.1% of the total estimated value of work. Observed by areas, the highest construction activity is expected in the Belgrade region, representing 19.4% of the projected value of new construction, followed by the Moravica region (19.0%), the Macvan region (7.6%) and the Sumadija region (7.4%), while the shares of other areas range from 0.1% to 6.9%.

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia/

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