20. May 2023
Photo: Novi Dorćol / Deka Inženjering

The total volume of funds on the real estate market in the Republic of Serbia in Q1 of 2023 was 1.6 billion euros (1,642,369,253 euros), which is 2.6% higher than in Q1 of 2022. The most money was allocated for the purchase of apartments—EUR 861.1 million, of which EUR 537.1 million was allocated for apartments in Belgrade, according to the quarterly report of the Republic Geodetic Authority.

Belgrade Waterfront / Photo: BWF

The average price per square meter of apartments in Belgrade in Q1 of this year was about 20 percent higher in old buildings and about 14 percent higher in new buildings compared to the same period last year. The only two Belgrade municipalities in which prices fell compared to last year were Palilula (-17%) and Rakovica (-7%), and only in new construction.

K-District / Photo: K-District

Over the last year, apartments in new construction have risen in price the most in the municipalities of Savski Venac, Vračar and Zemun; the average price per square meter is 25 percent higher. In Q1 of this year, the most apartments in new construction were bought in Savski Venac (326) and Zvezdara (174). As for apartments in old buildings, the biggest jump in prices per square meter, about 25 percent, was recorded in Stari Grad, Vračar and Palilula.

Petica / Photo: GDS

Savski Venac is the municipality with the highest average price per square meter for an apartment in new construction, which is 4,154 euros. Although this municipality is home to Belgrade Waterfront, where an apartment was purchased in Q1 at a record price of 11,474 euros per sqm, BWF is no longer a complex with the most expensive apartments in Belgrade.

Sunnyville Premium / Photo: Sunnyville Premium

A comparative review of the average prices of traded apartments in residential complexes under new construction in Belgrade in Q1 shows that the most expensive square meter on average is currently in the Novi Dorćol complex, in Stari Grad, at 4,430 euros. In second place is Belgrade Waterfront (EUR 4,215), followed by Petica in New Belgrade (EUR 2,935), K-District in Stari Grad (EUR 2,761), Sunnyville Premium in Palilula (EUR 1,676), and Savska Terasa in Železnik (EUR 1,157).

By: Jovana Nikolić

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