01. May 2022
Photo: Tesla Palace

The Tesla Palace residential and commercial complex in Kragujevac covering 32,000 sqm, whose construction has recently started, is a project of special significance, not only for the citizens of Kragujevac, who will pride themselves in a new premium residential zone by the autumn next year, but also for the Tesla Palace team standing behind this project.


Simon Karić, Jugoslav Karić, Danijela Karić Mileusnić and Ivan Mileusnić are firm in their decision to prove that luxurious and large-scale projects can be successfully implemented in places other than capitals, and that superior living standards are not reserved for the residents of Belgrade only. They are particularly keen on re-establishing the high-quality criteria, which in the construction business primarily means shorter deadlines and lower costs for all parties involved: consumers, investors, and contractors.


How challenging is this investment, considering how large, luxurious, and modern the project is?

 Karić family has built its reputation, esteem, and trust of clients all over the world primarily by introducing many innovations in running business, way of living and organizing people. Our family has been building marvellous constructions for almost half a century. As the representatives of the younger generation, we intend to cherish and pursue the family tradition. We always set the standards which were followed by others, and this will be the case with the Tesla Palace project in Kragujevac, too. After many years of absence from the Serbian market and its business environment, it will be a positive challenge for us to re-establish the true and objective criteria for measuring the quality in business, especially in the construction business. We want to show that it is possible to respect tight deadlines and create better working conditions in Serbia. Our goal is to create a better business climate with better earnings, affordable prices per sqm and lower total costs, not only for buyers, but also for investors and contractors.

What do you mean by saying that the Tesla Palace offers a modern concept of living for all generations?

 Residential style of living has been popular across the world for a long time now. This style implies that every residential building has its own reception, receptionist, security guards, gym, and swimming pool. Every ground level entrance is equipped with an extra toilet and a space for the youngest residents – i.e. for changing baby’s diapers. Another long-established trend are smart apartments which can be monitored by smart mobile applications, which can be used to control the appliances inside the apartment or any other electronic device. Apart from the modern interior and exterior design, we made an effort to create a true private oasis for the residents in the exterior. Private property with a lobby designed to look like a lobby in a high-level luxury hotel – that is every visitor’s first impression.


Which types of apartments and accompanying contents are on offer?

 The complex is designed to provide maximum living comfort. Our project offers a new experience of housing, it is equipped with unique relaxation and recreational programmes, commercial and business units, coworking spaces. Apartments of different sizes are available: studios, one, two and three room apartments, and also luxurious penthouses with beautiful views. Panoramic elevators provide special enjoyment to residents. Apartments with terraces, angular position of the residential complex, unique view, destination, and location speak of prestige, living comfort, family life but also of dynamic business life. Tesla Palace also offers commercial space of 50 to 120 sqm of size for sale or lease, as well as a number of business spaces of 250 sqm.

How significant is this investment for Kragujevac?

It is invaluable! Using our multi-decade experience in building and designing of modern metropolises across the world, from America to China, what we have created for Kragujevac is the best of the best! Premium living space exquisitely equipped in line with trends of the world centres such as New York, Dubai, London, Moscow, Beijing… it will provide a new elite dimension to the city and introduce premium residential zones. Tesla Palace will pave the way for new trends and will set the standards for new rules of comfort, emerging as a leader in creating a new visual identity and way of living.

Why did you choose Kragujevac as the project location?

It is both our desire and our business imperative to prove that new, modern, and luxurious lifestyle is possible in other Serbian cities and not only in Belgrade. Tesla Palace complex is located in a part of Kragujevac which is going through a propulsive and powerful transformation. Our project is an additional incentive for its development.


What can Tesla Palace offer to future commercial space leaseholders?

Located in the neighbourhood of the Kragujevac University, new Palace of Justice and the Clinical Centre, Tesla Palace is emerging as an attractive location for businesspeople, students, IT nomads, and new NFT generation. Our complex is offering a wide array of services and additional contents to its future users. Ecologically sustainable area, clean and maintained, allowing you to always have clean shoes and enjoy pleasurable temperature regardless of the outside weather conditions. Air conditioned and ventilated underground and ground level parking spaces, modern bike-boxes for keeping your electric and conventional bicycles and motorbikes.   

One of the main principles in creating the Tesla Palace concept is our family’s moto: “Family is the safest place!” The idea behind it is to encourage the future residents to bond and connect; to create a space and ambiance which makes people feeling as members of one large family. But the greatest advantage is the opportunity for businesspeople and visionaries like us to ensure a place in the very heart of the future center of Kragujevac, by buying commercial space in the Tesla Palace.

Are real estate investments in provincial towns and cities profitable, considering the significant difference in prices between these locations and Belgrade?

It is well known that the Karić family has been, particularly in our country, a leader and pioneer in introducing innovations and novelties, such as mobile telephony – first mobile telephones and operators, we established the first private bank and insurance, the first private University…  The launching of the first private television channel – BK TV – produced positive effects which are still impacting our society. Once again, we are deliberate in our intention to prove and show how much can be achieved by working. We have enormous experience, and our team is made of the world class experts. We consider all business risks very thoroughly and not only at our local level, but even at global levels. That is why, following the years of not investing in our country, we intend to realize our first, large and significant projects in Kragujevac and Niš instead of Belgrade.


How is the work progressing and when will the Tesla Palace come to life?

Works have started recently and are proceeding according to plans. In line with new standards in setting deadlines and construction methods, Tesla Palace is not being built in phases. Instead, the 32,000 sqm, divided in two lamellas are constructed simultaneously. Our plan is to complete this exquisite complex in 18 months. This means that its future residents can move in in autumn of 2023.

By: Gordana Knežević Monašević

Photo: Tesla Palace

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