08. Feb 2023
Photo: Galens Invest

Thanks to its road infrastructure, terrain, and the organization of the settlement itself, New Belgrade has become not only the center of the most important business events but also an extremely desirable place for the life of a modern family. Being one of the most developed municipalities in the region, both architecturally and in terms of eventful facilities, it is suitable for all those who strive for a dynamic, fulfilling, and active life in the capital, while the abundance of green areas and parks will contribute to a feeling of peace and connection with nature.

It is this city municipality that will become richer for the new residential and business center, which will push the boundaries of comfort and quality of life and work in the capital. We are talking about the Pupin's Palace New Belgrade, the successor to the impressive Pupin's Palace in Novi Sad.


The Pupin's Palace New Belgrade is an ideal combination of premium quality materialization and cutting-edge technology, designed to meet all of the needs of a modern way of living and working.The attractive appearance and modern design of this facility greatly contribute to its functionality and maximum use of space and location. The structure of the complex itself is defined by one facility, which, in its basis, forms a free, semi-open form, divided into two phases. Two intra-block ambient units stand out. Reduced in its shape and design, the facade is extremely calm and balanced. The building recedes in a cascade in parts, and its number of floors varies. By receding the floors, the insolation of the entire block is additionally increased, and the central part of the atrium is opened up for the view and sunlight of both the building and the interior free areas. The interior of the Pupin's Palace New Belgrade complex will be refined with an internal park—an atrium—filled with greenery, space, and props for games, courts, benches, tables, and other facilities intended for a comfortable and pleasant stay in the open air.

Photo: Galens Invest

In addition to the planned space for entertainment and leisure, the condominium concept is distinguished by a variety of other eventful amenities that will enhance life in the capital's urban core. The investor of the project, Galens Invest, as it had been implemented in its previous practice, paid exceptional attention to the safety, needs, and quality of life of the users; hence, a spacious underground garage with more than 1,000 parking spaces was designed as part of the facility itself. In addition to parking spaces, the complex will also include premises for various purposes, including hospitality premises, sports centers, markets, playrooms for children, and other activities that will enrich and improve the lives and free time of the users of the Pupin's Palace New Belgrade. When we talk about security, another operating principle of Galens Invest facilities is twenty-four-hour security and controlled access to the complex, which will significantly contribute to the feeling of security and peace in one’s family home or business space.


Photo: Galens Invest

An ideal business environment, which includes proximity to some of the largest business parks, such as Airport City, proximity to the highway and excellent connections with other parts of the city, makes the Pupin's Palace New Belgrade the optimal choice for business space. The business part of the facility will be built and arranged according to the highest international standards, in the service of employee satisfaction and motivation. Such a concept of work will satisfy the needs of modern successful companies, which take care of their image, working conditions, and business environment. In addition to the exceptional quality of construction and the most modern architectural solutions, the business space of the 21st century also requires the availability of external contents, which also significantly affect the business climate. Parking spaces, as well as space for exercise, entertainment, and relaxation, will give a completely new dimension to everyday commutes.


Apart from the great business potential, the Pupin's Palace New Belgrade offers a comfortable and functional living space, intended for all those who strive for a meaningful and quality life in an attractive and dynamic part of the capital. Residential buildings of the most modern materialization and top-quality construction, combined with the facilities necessary for a harmonious and well-organized family life, will create a very desirable and high-quality environment for living in the city. The tenants’ park, an atrium with a playground and park equipment for children to socialize, allows them to stay safely in the open space while their parents can enjoy their leisure, while controlled access to the complex and constantly present security will raise the feeling of safety to an even higher level.

Pupin's Palace New Belgrade is a project of the new era that, thanks to its exceptional location, top-notch facilities, and recognizable quality of construction, will become a favorite place to live and work in an urban environment. You can get more information about the contents of the complex, its capacities, and its construction plan by calling the following phone numbers:: +381 64 89 55 699 and +381 64 89 55 711.

Text and photos: Galens Invest

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