13. May 2022

In Novi Sad, in addition to the construction of an underground garage in the city center, their construction is also planned at several other locations, and the area of the Railway Station stands out.

According to the mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, the construction of an underground garage at this location would be a "bomb".

"Our railway station is like an airport for us - imagine when we finish the railway to Hungary, what the number of passengers will be, how many foreigners will come via that communication line. They should have parking, garages immediately, to reduce GSP and taxi traffic, and we are thinking of building underground garages in Podbara, without disturbing the Almaški region. By releasing new locations, we are testing the market and maybe we will get a letter of intent, specifically I talked to the Austrians, some other Western companies, such as Chinese. That must definitely go to concession ", Vučević said for

In a statement for, the mayor also commented on the City's intention to change the current regulations concerning the mandatory number of built parking spaces for investors.

As he says, a new standardization in construction is planned so that a larger number of parking spaces per apartment and business space is imposed, but not on the principle of one apartment - one parking space.

"According to the principle of the surface of the apartment, let's categorize the obligation in that way. Bigger apartment, more parking spaces. We have to do that because the number of vehicles is not decreasing ", says Vučević.

According to the current Decision on determining the contribution for arranging construction land, investors are obliged to pay the City a penalty in the amount of two million dinars if they do not provide a sufficient number of parking spaces for the number of apartments.



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