16. May 2022

The Belgrade Land Development Public Agency has published the tender for the preparation and promotion of a multimedia platform for the increase of the degree of participation of citizens in the preparation and realization of development planning documents of the City.

According to the technical specifications of the tender, it is necessary to develop communication features and a digital platform in order to improve the inclusion of the public in the process of the preparation and adoption of development plans in all the fields of urban life, from the economy and investments, tourism, trade, sports, infrastructure, through ecology, to social development housing and smart cities, according to

“The digital communication platform should enable the presentation of the existing development plans to citizens and improve the two-way communication in the process of creation and adoption of new ones“, the documentation says.

The platform entails the preparation of a busy web portal and mobile app, SEO optimization and promotion through electronic media and social networks.

It will contain periodic plans with proposed features which will be published through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.

The promotion of the features within the multimedia platform will also be done on TV channels with a national frequency and cable TV channels.

The value of the job amounts to RSD 18 million, and the tender expires on June 13.



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