15. Nov 2022
Photo: Pixabay

More than a fifth of Britain's pubs, restaurants and cafes have reduced their opening hours in the past three months to cut energy costs.

Analysis by Britain's Office for National Statistics, ONS, found that food and drink companies cut working hours more than other sectors to cope with huge increases in energy bills.

The statistics agency found that 21 percent of companies in the service sector cut their working hours as a result, even after continuing to work the same number of days.

Also, six percent of the companies in that sector state that during the last three months they have shortened their work by two or more days a week. Those companies mostly point out that they are most afraid of energy prices in November, although accommodation services are also very close to that.

Across the industry, 22 percent of companies cite energy prices in November as a major concern. But this is a reflection of only a minor drop, as the government promised subsidies for business energy bills in September.

Hospitality companies, which deal with food and drink, were under particularly sharp pressure from higher bills, with 58 percent of companies saying energy prices were their main concern, a jump from 39 percent the month before. That is why two out of five companies in the sector, 41 percent of them, expect a price increase in November.

Meanwhile, 36 percent of accommodation companies are on track to increase their prices, reports.



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