17. Apr 2022
Photo: sunmoon-stars.com

For the most joyful Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus' return to life – the resurrection, the most important thing is to bring a positive mood into your home so that the overall feeling is complete. Let's play with our imagination and emphasize the appropriate holiday symbols with traditional and innovative Easter decorations that we will use to freshen up our home and table for a festive family dinner.


Being a spring holiday, Easter brings bright colors of newly blossomed flowers and different shades of green, blue and yellow, associated with grass, sky and sun. You can find the new Easter collections that enrich the interior in the Sun, Moon & Stars ( www.sunmoon-stars.com ) store in Belgrade.


Decorating a table for Easter is the most joyful and colorful, so let's forget the strict rules of setting the table that day. Combine different shapes, sizes and colors of plates that achieve a strong effect – festive, elegant and different. If you don't have colorful plates and glasses, contrast the color of the tablecloth and napkin to emphasize the vibrancy of spring.


Play with Easter decorations and ornaments in the shape of flowers, bunnies, chickens, eggs, which you can place on tables and shelves or hang around the house. Bring the painted eggs to the table in a suitable one-color or multicolored bowl with special recesses you can use for salty snacks or sweets after Easter.



We will place an elegant vase with fresh flowers in the center, as well as candlesticks with brightly colored candles, in the tones that prevail on our table. After lunch you can serve cakes, cookies and other sweets, with coffee or tea, on decorative stands.

Think about occasional gifts for your loved ones. We suggest porcelain boxes in which you can put sweets or some other surprises, as well as cups with colorful, cheerful motifs.


The most significant aspect of Easter table decoration is imagination. The only rule is – the more colorful, the better. With a little effort and imagination, as well as various natural motifs, spring colors and Easter symbols, you can give your home that atmosphere and warmth which will make it an ideal place for family gatherings during the upcoming festive days.


The lunch may begin…

Text: Ana Kralj

Photos: www.sunmoon-stars.com 

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