26. May 2023
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In previous centuries, there was no court or palace that was not equipped with silver objects made by the famous French manufacturer Christofle. Since the founding of the company in 1830 until today, Christofle has established itself as a leading European manufacturer of luxury silverware that has always looked ahead in its development, guided by a combination of technological and aesthetic research and professional progress.

Photo: Sun, Moon & Stars

The founder of the company, Charles Christoffel, left his job as a jeweler in 1842 to establish the first factory for the production of silver and silver-plated dinnerware as well as kitchen tableware. His high reputation allowed him to soon become the official manufacturer for King Louis Philippe and Emperor Napoleon III Bonaparte. In 1850, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered gilded cutlery for the Elysée Palace, and from then on, the Christofle company began supplying its products to distinguished clients of that time, such as the imperial families of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Mexico, the Ottoman Empire, etc.

Photo: Sun, Moon & Stars

In 1903, the last Serbian king from the Obrenović dynasty, Aleksandar, sent a request to the Christofle company for the production of cutlery and several silver decorative items in the style of Louis XVI from the Perles collection, but the order was never realized due to the May Coup.

Photo: Sun, Moon & Stars

The modern dynamics of living and new trends and needs have influenced the redefinition of the company's goals. Today's collections represent a variation of styles and forms that follow the mood and instincts of modern consumers, offering plenty of contrasts, from pure classicism to urban design translated into silver, which satisfies both the aesthetic and the utilitarian functions of every household.

Photo: Sun, Moon & Stars

In the previous period, the artistic stamp was imprinted on silver creations in collaboration with the famous Gio Ponti, Lino Sabattini, Christian Lacroix, Adam Tihany, and other creative magicians of design. Contemporary collections carry recognizable elements of the realized imagination of Karim Rashid, Ora Ito, Toni Grilo, Andrée Putman, and Marcel Wanders, as well as young designers from the art studio of the Christofle factory.

Christofle Mood / Photo: Sun, Moon & Stars

Although the table setting will never be as exclusive as it was in the 19th century, the improved style and distinctive taste of the modern era bring new trends: simplification in table presentation, completely minimizing forms, reducing them to geometric and orthogonal forms, and using light and shadow to achieve a rational effect. Today, Christofle products are a dynamic, desirable, and recognizable segment of the table setting, with some pieces, such as the Mood cutlery, that have become mega-popular style icons.

Photo: Sun, Moon & Stars

The impeccably ergonomically designed Mood dining set, silver-plated, silver, gilt, or gold, housed in a perfectly designed egg-shaped bowl, extremely practical and decorative, magically attracts the family to gather around the table. If we put it on a shelf or showcase in the living room after use, we get an exceptional sculptural work of art that decorates our living space. This world-leading manufacturer of exclusive silver items of superior quality and distinctive design has transformed the simple act of dining into a magnificent ceremony of complete enjoyment and has become an inseparable part of our family's oasis of hedonism.

Exceptional collections of items for household equipment are a recognizable feature of the multi-brand concept Sun, Moon, and Stars. From now on, in addition to the well-known address at Nušićeva 25, you can find famous brand products in the new store in SC Galerija.

By: Natalia Drobnjaković

Photos: Sun, Moon & Stars

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