02. Mar 2022
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While we are waiting for the spring sun and March 8, favorite women's holiday, this year let us step out of what we have already seen, already bought, already given as a gift, and lets choose an original and unique gift for all our dear ladies. The ideal place that offers us an exceptional assortment of perfect gifts for every lady are the Sun, Moon & Stars stores.


For a feminine, brighter, calmer, more fluttery, more relaxed walking in the colors of the rainbow, for a more pleasant, amusing, cheerful life in this time, for joy, smile and happiness on faces, small, colorful, heartfelt gifts are necessary. All those sweet, modest, simple, public and secret gifts that will brighten this day and awake the feeling of respect, understanding and love in us.


If the lady you choose a gift for is of refined manners, sophisticated and smart looks, elegant movements, measured and sharp attitudes, then you should never opt for a tipical gift nor give in to the seller's persuasion. Such woman deserves something completely different, timeless, just the way that she is.


Certainly a different, unusual gift, which these ladies wish for, is a small silver-plated, porcelain or crystal jewelry box, suitable for keeping a ring or a necklace, that will find its place on the night shelf.


The eternal wish of all sophisticated ladies is an elegant crystal perfume bottle that will find its place on the dressing table and have its application in their life every morning. If the perfume bottle has an elegant pump and if it is made in the French company Lalique, then we have brought a part of the rich history of famous european court ladies who, for a long time, were the only ones to have the privilege to use these products.


Of course, this kind of gift should be matched with silver-plated Wedgwood mirrors in miniature sizes, which she will carry in her handbag and frequently use to fix her make-up, while being proud of such a refined object that reflects her elegance and charming manners.


For a business, self-aware, responsible, diligent, professionally oriented lady, there is no gift more precious than the one that will emphasize her dedication, elegance, determination, responsibility, while at the same time enriching her world with necessary and aesthetically special "business gadgets". Such gifts, of course, include pens. If they are in a vibrant color that draws attention, or encrusted with irresistible Swarovski crystals, the choice will be even better!


If the lady you are buying a gift for is romantic, gentle, subtle, believes in her dreams and desires, and almost all women are like that, no matter how much they emphasize their other sides, gifts also must be subtle, refined, in finest pastel colors maching the colors of their hopes. As we all know, there is no romance without candles, so one of the most important gifts is a candle holder, so that they can put flaming decorations in glittering crystal multi-legged candle holders when organizing a special, intimate evening surprise. Perhaps a slightly more modern gift are scented candles in an already existing decorative crystal vessel, which will leave the lady inebriated with its fragrance and magical play of shadows.


Buying a gift for a sophisticated, posh, trendy-styled lady who diligently researches and follows current fashion trends is likely the simplest task. A huge assortment of different collections of a wide range of products, for every occasion and every lady, signed by Swarovski, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert, Jasper Conran or Vera Wang for Wedgwood, and other well-known names, as a guarantee of impeccable design and high quality, are an excellent choice and attractive present.


If a lady is practical, rational, realistic and pragmatic, this type of woman should not be taken literally by giving her a pot, a cooker or a vegetable peeler, which should be avoided as a gift, unless they have directly requested one of them. A practical woman will be happier with a useful, functional item, although she will not remain indifferent to a decorative gift, if it is intended for the space in which she lives or works.


Coffee or tea mug with playful pastel flowers on fine, thin, beautiful porcelain will be a real pleasure during breaks, as well as various dishes, suitable for serving favourite plates: an attractive plate for sushi or pasta, an unusually shaped bowl for cereals, salads, fruit sweets, candies, cookies, appetizers ...


We must not leave the gift without a message with our most sincere wishes, which we will, in a sincere and truthfull way, and strongly emotionally write with our own hands as a testimony of that special moment. Attach even the smallest chocolate candy to it, which will contribute to an even more intense moment of happiness. We must not forget, women enjoy in the rainbow colors.



Text: Ana Kralj

Photo: www.sunmoon-stars.com

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