03. May 2022
Photo: The Babe Boutique Hotel

Belgrade residents already know where to go out in the evening if they want to be in good company and experience a pastime that will be retold. Just like guests from abroad, who come to Belgrade on business or on vacation, know where to stay if it is important for them to have top service in a modern and elegant environment, where they can feel at home. Both will meet at the same address—in The Babe Boutique Hotel in Senjak, tucked in among other villas in a quiet and elegant area, isolated from the hectic city life.


From the outside, the hotel is no different from neighboring villas. Until a year ago, it was a family house itself, where its owner, lawyer Nevena Jeličić, lived with her children. When she realized that the monthly obligations and loans for the house were too high and that renting the house would not cover the costs, the idea came to her to turn the villa into a small hotel. Since the house already had six rooms, she realized she had nothing to lose.

“I tried to solve the problem in my favor, and then it coincided with my personal affinities because I like to deal with interior design. I was inspired by design solutions I saw in hotels around the world, and then, with the help of friends, in just seven days, I completely remodeled the house and turned it into a small hotel with a truly unique ambience that mixed and matched styles. Maybe the architects wouldn't agree with my design approach because I combined the incompatible, but I like it. Most importantly, the guests also like it," says Nevena Jeličić.

The modern interior design exudes an intimate and warm atmosphere. The apartments are spacious and complemented by stylish furniture, antiques, and touches of mystical Bali.

The unique ambience radiates peace and provides guests with a truly intimate luxury. Additional content includes a gym and a beauty salon, as well as a bar with top aperitifs and wines, which provides maximum enjoyment in complete privacy.

The Babe Bar has already become a favorite place for Belgrade residents for business meetings, socializing after work, cocktails with friends, or champagne for two.

The most beautiful stories in The Babe Boutique Hotel, which are retold, happen at night, when music and themed evenings are organized on weekends, complemented with outstanding gourmet delights and selected company.

With the newly opened terrace, which will provide a special experience with a view of the starry sky above Belgrade, we believe that the best stories of The Babe Boutique Hotel are yet to be told this summer...

By: Petra Vasiljević

Photos: The Babe Boutique Hotel

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