12. Jan 2022

Novi Sad will officially take the title of European Capital of Culture today, January 13, at 8:22 pm, when the play "Zeniteum :: 2022" will begin near the Banovina building, which was once included among the most innovative and significant buildings of the 20th century.

This special year for the capital of Vojvodina will be marked by the program concept presented by the slogan "For new bridges" and as such is divided into program units symbolically presented and named as existing bridges: Freedom, Rainbow, Hope and Love.

As the holder of this title, Novi Sad will present itself this year with more than 1,500 cultural events and as many as 4,000 local, national and international artists, through eight thematic units.

Artistically speaking, the entire project "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture" is based on the basic values of the European Union, such as human rights, multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue, environmental awareness, peace policies.

Each thematic unit is built by connecting these values with the history, culture and identity of Novi Sad.

It is interesting that Novi Sad is one of the first cities to win this title without being in the European Union, and the goal of the whole idea is to leave this city solid legacies that improve the cultural life of the city through new programs, processes, engagements and new spaces for culture.

The vision of the whole project is completely in line with the charming exclamation "The beginning of a new. Now!" (NEW meaning NOVI, NOW meaning SAD).


What is certain for all residents and visitors of Novi Sad is that this year they will have the opportunity to see and experience many beautiful events and artistic performances, and the entire program can be found on the official website

Apart from Novi Sad, the cities of Kaunas (Lithuania) and Esch (Luxembourg) will also take the title of European Capital of Culture this year.



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