13. Jan 2022

Ever since HBO announced the shooting of the sequel to the Sex and the City series in July, more precisely ten episodes called And Just Like That, the excitement among the fans of the series hasn’t stopped. It goes without saying that everyone was most interested in what the heroines would look like 20 years later and how they would deal with their friendship, sexuality and men in their mature 50s, but the number one topic, from the first day of filming, was and remains – what Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Christine Davis) will wear. We didn’t wait long for an answer. The first photo from the set that appeared in the media has already caused a lot of attention, and literally every item of clothing and fashion detail has been closely examined.


Once again, TV series, and especially Sex and the City, have been shown to have a huge impact on fashion trends and what will be worn on the streets, only this time we went a step further: everything that famous New Yorkers wear, in almost every scene, has already gone viral, we already know where something could be bought and at what price and a lot of it has already been sold out even before the first episode aired!


Although many were disappointed by the news that Patricia Field, the stylist and costume designer who is most deserving of the fact that the Sex and the City series has become an essential fashion primer for millions of women around the world, will not dress the heroines in the sequel And Just Like That, her successor Molly Rogers remained up to the task. Danny Santiago, a famous stylist and fashion editor, who had already chosen costumes for the two films Sex and the City, was also of great help to her.


As expected, in the new episodes, the heroines wear clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry from the most famous high fashion brands, but this time there was less experimentation with combinations in which some new and popular low-budget brands are represented. Maybe there is more retro chic than before, which is also considered expected, because ladies of style, especially those in their mature years, have a prominent place in their closets for pieces of timeless value, which they do not give up regardless of trends. In a way, vintage clothing is also a homage to the increasingly present trend of sustainability and care for the environment, which only gives the series additional quality.


The names of brands and designers who sign clothing combinations in the series And Just Like That can make you dizzy.  Among them is a Serbian jewelry designer and anthropologist Ana Srdić, who has been living in Africa for 30 years. In one scene, actress Nicole Ari Parker, who joined the series instead of Kim Cattrall, wears a ring made of gold and yellow semi-precious stone by our designer, which can be purchased through the Urban Zen website by American fashion designer Donna Karan. Ana Srdić and Donna Karan, in addition to business cooperation, are also bound by long-term friendship, as well as love for different cultures and their preservation.



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