05. Jan 2022

We hung them on the wall, bought special chests of drawers to accommodate them, fitted them into the interior and chose the corners where they would be the least annoying, and from where they could be seen nicely... His Majesty TV has now got a new way to fit into everyone's space, with the help of the latest stand designed by the Danish interior brand Pedestal.

Simplicity, functionality and aesthetics excellence with playful touch are constant values that Pedestal combines when it comes to all their products. This is also the case with the new TV stands, which at first glance are just that – simple, very functional and with expressive aesthetics.

The TV stands have a leg-like look reminiscent of stickman drawings – a twist on the typically industrial and unoriginal design associated with TV stand, and they easily fit into all modernly furnished apartments that follow a minimalist trend. This is exactly the design twist that the employees of this company are proud of.

"Rather than trying to hide the construction of our designs, we make it visible and use it as a conscious aesthetic feature," they explain in Pedestal.

Pedestal offers its customers the opportunity to find a TV stand that is unique to them including multiple different styles that range from tubular frames with curved lines and flat bracket-style designs with wheels for easy transportation. The steel construction of these holders can withstand 70-inch TVs.

There’s also an extensive colour palette to choose from, which includes dusty pink, mushroom, snow-white, forest green and black. . By adding a shelf to the TV floor stand, you can add a personal detail to the design. Give it extra edge and personality by adding a shelf in a different colour from the TV floor stand.

Pedestal created new possibilities for arranging living and working spaces with such pieces. They are easily portable and represent that part of the furniture that generally fits nicely with other pieces. They are designed for TVs with a thin screen and can be placed in the middle of the room if desired and needed, or, in the case of smaller rooms, they can separate the rest area from the dining room or office. Why not?



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