21. Nov 2022
Photo: Renders by RPBW / OBR

First drafted by Renzo Piano and developed by RPBW and OBR, the Waterfront di Levante is a project that aims to transform what was previously the back of a port into a new urban front on the sea.


The development is planned to become a new landmark on the seafront of Genoa, Italy, by bringing new urban and port functions, both public and private, to an underutilized area.

By controlling the built-to-open area ratio, it also seeks to enhance the connection between the city and the sea, explained the Italian architects for ArchDaily, reports gradnja.rs.


The project introduces functions such as the new Urban Park, a new dock, residences, offices, student housing, retail facilities, apart-hotels, and a new sports hall.

Conceived as a new urban district, the Waterfront di Levante is designed to provide a mixture of functions and permeable open spaces capable of infusing the context and creating opportunities for meeting and socializing.


The Urban Park, covering 16,000 square meters, forms the link between city and port and it represents the point of arrival from the main boulevards. The park provides mineral and green areas while opening generous views toward the sea.

Along it, the Seafront Promenade extends the cycle-pedestrian paths and restores the pedestrian potential of the seafront.

In an effort to preserve the visual transparency from the Urban Park, the buildings surrounding it have a transparent, see-through character.

The groundfloors are kept open and are set at a height of 5.50 meters, while the windows are set back to create the visual effect of “suspension”, emphasizing the lightness of the volumes.

The project includes five functional lots that aim to create a lively social mix and ensure the functionality of the development throughout the year.

In Lot 1, the sports hall, now unusable, will be restored to host indoor sports and events, shows, and concerts.

Lot 2 is planned to accommodate the student housing and residence hotel. The linear building with an east-west orientation is limited to a height not exceeding 23 meters above sea level to reduce its visual impact.

“We are creating a living space with zero impact. This project aims to ensure the urbanity of the place, to be achieved by living in it. People will be living and working here. This is very important because urbanity is bound up with a mix of functions that will bring the area to life 24 hours a day”, said Renzo Piano.

The third lot is reserved for residences and communal areas, divided into two parallel buildings with a north-south orientation and an open courtyard between.

Similarly to Lot 2, the height is limited to 26 meters above sea level. Lot 4 comprises a tertiary building, while lot 5 accommodates the tree-lined Boulevard set at a +5.50 m above grade.

The docks are set at 1.20 meter above grade to ensure a generous pedestrian walkway partly uncovered and partly covered, which can host public functions or uses, such as associations, retail facilities, catering, or the common services of the above functions.


Source: gradnja.rs

Renders by  RPBW / OBR

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