12. Jan 2023
Photo: Syibarite

London-based avant-garde studio Sybarite teamed up with New York designer James Corner Field to design SPK Chengdu, a luxury shopping complex in the Chinese city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. As a traffic-oriented development of the city, the first underground mall covers an area of ​​about 260,000 square meters and is located 30 meters underground. Leading retail organizations, fashion houses, restaurants and social communities around the world are part of a young emerging culture focused on protecting the environment, bringing the future of sustainable design into the present.

Photo: Syabrite

The complex features a mix of urban parks and underground structures. It represents a high-profile deal, not just an expression of green ecology. It is divided into five floors and four main sections called avenues. A model of smart city that promotes sustainable values ​​and unique experiences through design and mission, as it provides many spaces to socialize and build new sustainable communities, in addition to various trade-related spaces functions as.

The magnificence of the SKP Park, with 33 crafted landscapes and scenic spots, lies in an uninterrupted vista without a hint of what lies below. And below there are five floors with retail and shopping spaces spanning 12 meters below ground. Below this, there are three parking lots with over 2,400 parking spaces.

Photo: Sybarite

The sustainable park in the underground mall is like a gift to the citizens of Chengdu, as it focuses on the development of the transit zone in Chengdu, has a unique concept, and embodies the principles that the city should uphold. To save energy, protect the environment, reduce pollution and reduce CO2 emissions, the new ecological infrastructure uses energy consumption based on scientific calculations. The underground mall has a complete transportation infrastructure. Direct lines to the airport pass through this underground shopping center, and almost all major subway lines converge here.

Photo: Sybarite

This innovative solution introduces a whole new dimension to the culture of living and trading. Beyond simple shopping, visitors will embrace a whole new world of fashion that harnesses world-famous brands, ecological infrastructure, a return to nature, art through music and design, and outrageous culinary flavors. You will have the opportunity to participate in the experience.

London-based Sybarite has previously designed several spaces for SKP, including the SKP Beijing department store and a 20-storey SKP store in Xi'an.

Source: sybarite.com

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