06. Feb 2023
Photo: Miloš Martinović

The villa in Dorćol, which covers an area of 700 m2, designed by Mina Obradović, Maša Obradović and Ivan Obradović from the Belgrade studio Supra Architecture, was declared the House of 2022, according to the evaluation of the expert jury and readers of the portal gradnja.rs.

Photo: Miloš Martinović

"The impression is that the entire consideration of the space is fundamental. You can see the attention invested in each segment. The house in Dorćol gives the impression of being personal, not something generic, both from the outside and from the inside. In some moments, the view wanders from zone to zone; it is restless but also pleasant to stay in," the jury explained.

Photo: Miloš Martinović

The goal of the House of the Year award, which is administered by the gradnja.rs portal, is to popularize architecture and examples of good practice. Voting for the House of 2022, powered by Xella, has attracted a lot of attention. 2,274 individual votes were cast in the selection for the award.

Photo: Miloš Martinović

Ten realized projects were shortlisted for the House of 2022 - Powered by Xella award. The expert jury consisted of Jovana Miletić (Unknown Studio), Jelena Mitov (Modelart Arhitekti), Vesna Stojić (Architekton), Predrag Milosavljević (Hemplicity), and Igor Conić (gradnja.rs).

Photo: Miloš Martinović

The general sponsor of this year's award was the company Xella Serbia, and the promotion of the best architectural achievements was supported by the companies Alumil and EuroDOM.

Photo: Miloš Martinović

An atrium with a Japanese garden, a raw wooden trunk, a fire in the fireplace, and a pool that takes the owner to a remote island are just some of the details of this spectacular 700-square-meter home.

This family house, a city villa, is located in the very center of Belgrade, in the upper part of Dorćol, an area that throughout history has always represented a part of the city that reflected the lifestyle of civil society.

"It is a space for users who are world travelers. A space for people who like guests and have a large circle of friends. A space for people with free time who want to use it in a creative and fulfilling way. A space for people with many talents and interests. A space for privacy and representation... A space for spectacle and intimacy... of the Lord and the Master," explains the Supra Architecture studio.

Photo: Miloš Martinović

The details of the interior of the villa are full of contrasts, they play with light and shadow, with a see-or-not-see effect created by looking through the steel mesh. The barely noticeable reflection in the smoke gray glass deepens the space and creates the effect of a mirror reflection.

A kitchen island with herbs, an atrium with a Japanese garden, a raw wooden trunk, a fire from the fireplace, a pool that takes the owner to a remote island... all these seemingly incompatible elements are harmoniously integrated into a whole that offers new sensations again and again.

The ground floor of the villa, designed as a spectacle space, is organized along a central axis, along which functions and events alternate.

There is a monumental kitchen island, a dining room, a fireplace hanging from the ceiling, a living room, a terrace, a staircase/auditorium, an open courtyard plateau, and an enclosed courtyard pavilion.

Each of these functions has its own clear place in the space, emphasized by materialization: wooden and terrazzo floors; brick and natural concrete on the walls and ceiling; reflective glass; steel details.

Photo: Miloš Martinović

A wooden trunk, found felled and abandoned in the forest, was brought to this space and minimally processed with the idea that it would dry naturally, crack at will, absorb the scents of the forest, and age there.

Its use value as an incidental table on which a game of chess will be played is less important than its presence in the space as a living element, the sensation of which is experienced over time.


Source: gradnja.rs


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