10. Jan 2022

As a leader in architectural systems in Serbia and the region, Alumil YU plans to expand even further in regional ex-Yugoslavian markets and to penetrate further into Western European industrial markets that are more advanced, such as automotive, says Managing Director Stylianos Tsoktouridis, noting that the price increases in LME we saw this year did not slow down demand for their products or the dynamics of the construction sector. Alumil is one of the leaders in architectural aluminum profiles production market in Serbia and region.


What is that factor which makes a difference in comparison to the other suppliers in the market?

Indeed, Alumil YU is the leader in architectural systems not only in Serbia but also in the whole regional market. The main reason is our advanced products that fulfill the market’s requirements and exceed customers' expectations. We have invested more than €45 million in Serbia constructing a state-of-the-art production and logistics facility in Nova Pazova, which, along with our six sales and distribution centers spread across Serbian territory, ensures the availability of our products in close proximity and on demand by our customers. Also, we have established a showroom in New Belgrade where we physically exhibit our products and our technical team of experienced engineers provides support to our customers.

Your product portfolio has products that meet the requirements of high standards of energy efficiency and sustainability. How much does sustainability contribute to your company's business?

Alumil Group has more than 32 years of history full of innovation and creativity, and as a multinational company with more than 28 subsidiaries spread around the globe, has developed an in-house green culture. Of course, we in Alumil Serbia, as part of the same group, are following the same culture. Love and respect for the environment are always present at every step in our company. This year, amid a very tough period worldwide due to the COVID-19 virus, apart from our actions against the spread of the coronavirus, we decided to go further on our ecological agenda.

Through our modern production facilities and intelligent investments, we ensure the reduction of energy consumption in all our processes. Our continuous research and development leads to offering unique solutions with many innovative features that totally meet the strictest environmental standards. Furthermore, our qualified and experienced R & D team of engineers studies the latest standards and technologies on a continuous basis and applies them in the research of new aluminum system solutions in order to have the best answer for every design need.

We are monitoring climate change and adjusting our activities in response to the most recent requests from relevant authorities.As the members of the Serbia Green Building Council, we are trying indirectly to have an impact on increasing society's awareness of this matter.

In the rapidly evolving construction and real estate sector, there have naturally been numerous challenges this year. What has been the greatest challenge of yours?

The current year has been exceptionally good for Alumil YU and for the whole Alumil Group in general. Specifically, in Serbia, this year we are experiencing a continuous growth in the value of construction projects that started in 2019, where the value of the projects was increased by 35% compared to 2018 and continued in 2020 and 2021. However, the market is becoming increasingly demanding, while competition is ever stronger, and that is one of the major challenges for Alumil Yu. New demands are born every day. Modern buildings require the design and construction of fenestration systems to high standards. By focusing always on the specifications and requirements of the most advanced markets worldwide, Alumil has created a portfolio that incorporates innovative products and responds perfectly to modern building needs. The needs of our customers are quite varied, and so is our product portfolio. Each of our products was designed with one thought in mind: how to offer the best possible solution and maximize the value for our customers.


The year 2021 will be remembered for the rise in the cost of building materials. How did this affect your sector?

 I would say that the price increases in LME we experienced this year did not slow down the demand for our products or the dynamics of the construction sector. On the contrary, what we are dealing with currently and what is more challenging for us is the lack of supplies and free capacity versus demand, rather than prices and credit. At present, the growth of our sector is so high that it has not been impacted by the increased prices, at least not as of now. Inflation is relatively reasonable and the availability of funds for new projects is still high, probably driven by the level of demand that has been increasing. All in all, we see a healthy growth of the market with prestigious quality projects that increase market standards.

What would be your expectations for 2022 in terms of production and development?

 Alumil YU is committed to continuously investing in Serbia in order to increase its capacity and keep its facilities at the highest possible quality level. Our plan is to expand even further in the regional ex-Yugoslavian markets and increase our market share and footprint in large-scale projects in both the public and private sectors. Our plan also includes penetration further into Western European industrial markets, which are more advanced, such as automotive, with sophisticated, state-of-the-art, precision engineered, surface-treated, ready-to-use aluminium products. Our expansion strategy could result in the creation of up to 100 new direct job positions, many of which will require highly educated and specially trained personnel.


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