12. Jan 2022
Photo: Natura Eco

The first 3D printed house in Eastern Europe was recently presented at the Science and Technology Park in Čačak by the domestic company Natura Eco. As previously stated, this type of building could effectively respond to difficulties such as the lack of construction workers and growing construction material prices. An important advantage is the speed of construction, as well as the fact that the amount of waste is zero.

The house, which was recently premiered at the Science and Technology Park in Čačak, was built by two people in just 21 hours and 15 minutes. It is an unimaginable amount of time for any kind of construction ever.

According to Natura Eco, the house from 3D printers is ready for life in it. It is made of concrete and provides absolute safety because the tests were done in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade. It is resistant to winds, earthquakes and other disasters.

The construction is very quick and all aspects of the 3D printed house are completed at the same time, from installation to carpentry, with the exact amount of material known in advance.

These are just the first steps of the company Natura Eco, which is an example of how world potential innovations can be developed in our country as well.

The innovative technology of 3D printers made in Serbia was used in the construction of this house.  The material from which it is made is of better quality and three to five times stronger than standard concrete and brick.

The first 3D printing house in Eastern Europe has sparked a lot of interest. According to Nikola Rakić, General Manager of Natura Eco, Proto dom 3D printed houses will be on commercial sale this year, and 80 houses have already been ordered.


Photos: Natura Eco

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