26. Mar 2023
Photo: MT-KOMEX (Na slici: Solarna elektrana DeLasol)

With more than 110,000 solar panels and more than 180 solar power plants installed throughout Serbia as well as 30 years of experience, expertise, and reliability, MT-KOMEX significantly contributes to the energy transition, helping citizens and companies to produce solar energy themselves.

Every kilowatt of green energy, whether it comes from a few solar panels on a home's roof or vast solar farms, moves us closer to the target of having 40% of Serbia's energy come from renewable sources by 2040.


The local company MT-KOMEX, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, makes a significant contribution to the accomplishment of energy transition goals by helping citizens and companies step into the world of solar energy, start producing their own electricity, and significantly reduce electricity bills.

MT-KOMEX team / Photo: MT-KOMEX

With its expert team, which continuously acquires new knowledge and stays updated with technological changes, MT-KOMEX has so far installed more than 110,000 solar panels on the roofs of households, commercial and industrial buildings for more than 100 clients, with a total installed power of more than 60 MW. They have designed solar power plants with a total power of more than 200 MW, performed more than 120 energy audits and analyses, and built more than 180 solar power plants.



MT-KOMEX has just finished the construction of the DeLasol solar power plant in Lapovo, which covers an area of 12 hectares. Apart from its size, this solar power plant will also be the largest in terms of capacity in Serbia. It will generate 15,000 megawatt-hours of electricity annually. Its size is also reflected in the number of solar panels – as many as 17,980 of the most efficient panels, with 650/655Wp power generation capacity, were manufactured by the renowned Canadian Solar.


In order to make the best possible use of the sun’s energy, bifacial solar panels, which generate electricity more efficiently than monofacial panels, were prepared for the construction of the DeLasol power plant. With bifacial panels, there is an ability to increase the electricity yield from both sides of the panel, which is why they generate a larger amount of electricity. The solar panels will be placed on a specially made structure that allows greater absorption of reflected radiation. Thanks to the Municipal Administration of Lapovo, which recognized the value and importance of the project, a construction permit was obtained, as well as the conditions for design and connection by the Electric Power Industry of Serbia. This was preceded by the adoption of the urban planning project and the obtaining of an improvement location permit. According to the plan, the power plant will be commissioned in March of this year.

"We invested our own funds in the construction of this solar power plant, and, of course, as for Solaris Energy, we received full support from ProCredit Bank, which accompanied us in the realization of this project," says Miloš Kostić, owner and director of MT-KOMEX.

In accordance with the regulations, a request for an environmental impact assessment was submitted, and a decision was obtained that a study was not required.


The construction of the DeLasol solar power plant is not the only project in 2022 that MT-KOMEX can boast of. In July, a contract for the construction of another bifacial solar power plant was signed between Toyo Tires Deputy General Manager Kenichiro Takasaga and MT-KOMEX Director Miloš Kostić. The Toyo Tire Taiyo solar power plant, with a total power of 8.4 MWp, will provide Toyo Tires with 10 to 15 percent of its annual electricity needs.


An example of the last solar power plant completed by MT-KOMEX, which was built in two phases, the first with a capacity of 490 kW and the second with a capacity of 600 kW, shows the following: the new 490 kW of solar capacity will provide the investor with 596,700 kWh of green electricity per year. The return on the EUR 330,000 invested is expected in six and a half years, and the maintenance of the solar power plant will cost this company only EUR 500 annually. And that’s not all; MT-KOMEX’s client will not be the only one benefiting from the mentioned investment, but also the whole society, since CO2 savings will amount to 477,360 kg per year.


Owner and director

Miloš Kostić, owner and director, MT-KOMEX / Photo: EY Serbia

My interest in renewable energy sources began in 2009, when I started the transformation of the company, which has been dealing with projects in this field ever since. At the same time, I realized that I should invest my own capital in the production of solar energy. The first power plant, which I built together with my partners, is Solaris Energy, with a capacity of 2 MW, which was built according to the procedures of the law from 2009. It cost us three million euros, and it has been operational for nine years. We continued to improve in this area and worked on many large projects in Serbia. Together, my team of engineers and installers built solar power plants at large industrial facilities in Serbia, such as IKEA, Grundfos, MINAQUA, UNIOR Components, TERMOVENT, Agrosava, and Stop Shop, and we are currently working on installing a solar power plant on the ground in the circle of the Toyo Tires factory.

The plan is to develop four more power plants with a total installed capacity of 40 MW. We have received the conditions for the connection of these power plants, and our engineering team is working on the development of technical documentation. The construction of these capacities is planned for the second half of 2023 and 2024.


Miloš Kostić, director and owner of the company MT-KOMEX, recently received recognition for the EY Fast-Growing Entrepreneur of the Year subcategory, awarded by the consulting company Ernst & Young (EY).

"It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be in the selected company of fellow entrepreneurs. I am happy and proud because this award shows that we are on the right path of development. The organizers and jury recognized that we are hardworking and successful and that my team achieved real results", said Miloš Kostić.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year is the world's most prestigious award for achievements in entrepreneurial business. This global program is different because it promotes entrepreneurial spirit and initiative and recognizes people who have achieved success through their vision, leadership, and innovation.


Photo: Charge&GO

During his many years of work and development, Miloš Kostić always thought about what he could offer the market that was new and innovative. Back in 2014, he contacted Tesla and asked them how to become their partner in the Balkans. Then they told him that the policy of their company is that everything is owned by them and that they are planning the development of the charging infrastructure for 2019 and 2020.

This gave him an idea, and in 2017, he began the development of a project to invest in this infrastructure as well as to launch a digital platform and application charge & GO that allows drivers of electric vehicles to easily locate the nearest chargers and charge them up quickly and easily. The platform provides drivers with an efficient service for charging and paying for the use of charging points, as well as the ability for companies to remotely manage their charging network. This includes a number of services, such as charging control, charger monitoring, pricing, usage restrictions, and a charging session overview. The easiest way to check the locations and availability of chargers in this network is through the application. Although all chargers can be accessed in multiple ways (via QR code or charger number), if you download the app, you automatically get a lower price and GPS navigation directions.

In agreement with partners who own large chains of gas stations and shopping centers, MT-KOMEX has so far installed a network of 54 chargers for a thousand users of electric cars in Serbia.

"Our plan is to extend this service to the region, and we have already prepared the opening of companies in North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our goal is to have 220 chargers in our possession by the end of next year and to be the largest such network in Serbia," announces Miloš Kostić.

This year, it is planned to install another 67 chargers, including in markets in the region (North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The launch of a new platform with the mobile application charge&GO is expected soon. It will enable even easier access to chargers and better connectivity with charger networks throughout Europe.

By: Jovana Nikolić



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