22. Mar 2023

The International Car Show, the 55th in a row, and the 15th International Fair of Motorcycles, Parts, and Equipment "Motopassion" opened today in Belgrade.

This year's edition of the Car Show gathered 250 exhibitors, who will present 33 automotive and seven light vehicle brands with more than 40 premieres. At "Motopassion," 60 exhibitors are presenting this year with more than 40 brands of motorcycles, quads, scooters, and a large number of brands of motorcycle equipment.

The Minister of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, said at the opening that the previous year was challenging when it came to the auto industry due to problems with deliveries, procurement of parts, and car production.

"For us in the Ministry it is very important to ensure the conditions for the auto industry to develop. We continue with the payment of subsidies when it comes to electric cars, which is done by the Ministry of Environmental Protection", said Vesić.

Minister Goran Vesić / Photo:

As of January 1, the Agency for Traffic Safety will start the process of deregistering cars, he added.

"We have secured EUR 100 million for 140,000 cars that will be able to be deregistered. These are cars with Euro 1, 2, and 3 engines. There are about 560,000 cars with such engines in our country. We have about 2.8 million cars on the territory of Serbia, and 10 years ago that number was about 1.8 million," said Vesić.

According to him, the Ministry is planning to install around 100 new chargers for electric cars on the highways and expressways, and as part of the amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction, it is planned to introduce an obligation for a certain number of places to have electric chargers during the construction of buildings, depending on whether the building is residential or commercial. The obligation to have a charger for electric cars at every pump is also being introduced.

"This year, 107 new kilometers of highways and expressways will be built out of the total of almost 500 that are being built in the coming period. We will continue to build and promote electromobility," he said.

In the next two years, he said, the highways will also have solar panels, which will also provide noise protection.

"In Serbia, about 30% more people die in traffic every year than in the EU countries. Through amendments to the Traffic Safety Act, we will have to make traffic safer. It is not worth it for us to buy cars if so many people die on our roads", said Vesić.

The president of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Spare Parts Importers, Aleksandra Đurdjević, said that there is insufficient availability of vehicles in Serbia and that there is a lot of pressure on manufacturers and importers due to the transition of manufacturers to models with hybrid drives.

She said that Serbia needs a good infrastructure for such vehicles and expressed satisfaction that the Government of Serbia approved a larger budget this year for subsidies for the purchase of eco-vehicles.

In addition to cars, the latest accessories for cars as well as chargers for eco-vehicles were presented at the fair.

During the fair, a program for visitors has been prepared, so on Saturday, March 25, the old-timer rally "Memorial to Prince Tomislav Karadjordjević" will be held, and during the fair, the "Car of the year" will be announced as chosen by the Association of Automotive Journalists of Serbia. More than 10 cars were registered for this title, and the jury will also choose the best "ECO car".



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